4 Benefits of Using Dedicated IP Hosting

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a digital label that is assigned to each device (for example, a computer, a printer) that participates in a computer network that uses Internet protocols for communication. Likewise, hosting packages are also associated with IP addresses to enable them to connect to user devices (via domain names). Based on the IP, we can split storage services into two categories: private IP and shared IP. So you know about Dedicated IP Hosting and its benefits?

Shared IP hosting services are generally cheaper than hosted hosting services, as they do not have the cost of placing second IPs on the same server. When using public IP hosts, you often have to pay attention to the domain name to store through NameServers instead of paying attention through your IP as private IP hosts.

So, if you are wondering about investing a large amount of money to own Dedicated IP Hosting packages and not knowing what they will bring you benefit then the answer will be below.

The Benefits of Using Dedicated IP Hosting:

  1. Avoid spam issues

When using an IP of a shared host, it means that your blog or website has the same IP address as many other blogs or websites that also use this server. Does anyone ensure that one of them does not “spam” the public “IP” is listed in the blacklist and also make your email will be sent by default to the spam mailbox? All blogs or web sites hosted on a server will be affected. Assuming you handle some email marketing campaigns from your blog or website, it is a disaster. Not only will your customers not receive an email (as spam filters), but your reputation will be severely reduced.

Conversely, if your machine has its own IP address, you do not have to worry too much about this issue; Even if other people on the same IP are marked as spam then your blog / website will not do anything.

  1. Better SEO support

Hosting using private IP creates the advantages in SEO. If you build a personal blog (PBN) network to do SEO for your site and every blog has its own IP, these blogs in different IP ranges will not be “discovered” and the chances of being penalized are very low. You will also minimize the possibility of “dying together”.

  1. SSL settings are easier

Although today many types of SSL allow installation on an IP shared host, however, some other types still require you to have your own Dedicated IP Hosting. Therefore, using Dedicated IP Hosting will help you prevent many problems and install SSL more easily.

  1. Support of the plugin creates a cache

Some plugin plugins that are supported in WordPress require that your host must have a private IP address, such as WP-FFPC. This plugin will save all the data of blogs or websites from the same IP in RAM, which helps speed up download speed. In case of shared IP hosting, data from blogs or websites will also be stored in your RAM. This will be a real disaster. Therefore, WP-FFPC can only be used on VPS or WordPress Hosting services, Linux Hosting services, simply because they have their own IP.

Is your blog / website using personal IP? Do you think it is necessary to have a dedicated IP for your blog or website? Please share with us your opinion using the comments section below. You can read dedicated hosting solutions for you  to learn more about Dedicated hosting.

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