4 Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

WordPress is becoming more and more popular on the internet. It is also a platform that accounts for more than a quarter of the total number of international blogs and websites. For hosting providers, WordPress is a piece of cake if you know how to exploit it properly. As a result, more and more services for WordPress Hosting are born. Among the many providers, how to choose and choose yourself the best WordPress hosting at a reasonable price and meet all your personal requirements?

Wordpress Hosting

Here are some experiences I’ve known after a long time working in the fields of WordPress and Hosting:

1. Best WordPress hosting server choice for website

First of all, you need to determine whether the visitor’s visit to your site will primarily come from where to choose the right host according to it. If they are primarily from the US, you should choose a hosting service located in the United States or neighboring countries such as Canada or the UK, or choose somewhere better than Tokyo (Japan) to ensure the fastest access and will not be affected by the submarine cable disaster – which happens daily. Keep in mind that the speed of access and the experience of users are the most important factors that determine the ranking of your blog / website on the search results.

Google has confirmed that the location of the server does not affect SEO completely , as long as it provides a good experience for your users. That means that your users only need to visit the blog / website with the fastest speed. So do not believe the bloggers are always “flattered” foreign host; They want to make money with this product marketing, but you are in a hurry to choose server / hosting provider with location in US or Europe and the quality is not really as good as advertising, you will regret it. great number of.

2. Minimum requirements when buying WordPress hosting

Most of the best WordPress Hosting services for Linux platforms today can meet the minimum requirements to operate a blog / WordPress site. If you do not know these standards, please read the article below immediately.

However, there are some small but really important considerations when choosing the best WordPress hosting

  • You should choose hosting service that supports PHP 7. This is the latest version and has the best performance today. Using PHP 7 will increase the processing speed and the ability to download blogs / websites will be much better than PHP 5.
  • Features that allow you to change the PHP version and edit the parameters of PHP are also important to help you control PHP easier.
  • In addition, you also need to check whether the server supports Mod security and virus scanning features or not. These are security features that help ensure the security of your blog / website.

And of course, do not forget to check the parameters of cPanel.

3. Doamain addons are important?

Maybe you could think that hosting with multiple domain addons would be better? This means you can set up multiple sites on a single server, saving more money. Yes, but not enough. Because when you add another domain, the server resources are not renewed. This will lead to the speed of access and the ability to load each site becomes worse, it will be reduced by sharing the resources for the “other members”. That is why many WordPress hosting providers only allow a small number of domain names while configuring. They do that to ensure the resources made available for every site running on that server.

If you have many web sites (such as satellite networks) but use less resources, you should choose that option to buy multiple small hosts instead of putting them all into one large storage package. Meanwhile, each site will be placed on different IPs, and if a host has problems, other sites will not be affected.

4. Other advanced requirements

These are “advanced” requirements that users can “request” when purchasing services for WordPress Hosting at the best price (from $ 1.99 per month or more).

  • SSD : Improved read speed – faster and faster data recording, blog / website feedback, faster latency reduction.
  • Dedicated IP : A lot of you probably already know about the specific benefits of dedicated IP.
  • Automatic backup service in real time or at least every day: This will ensure your blog / website is always secure without installing an additional backup plugin (consuming resources). When problems are unfortunate (code bugs or hacker attacks), just go to cPanel and recover your data. And of course, to do that, your cPanel needs support for features that allow users to recover data. StableHost and Siteground are some of the units that provide the c Panel features mentioned above (especially here R1Soft Backup & Restore service).
  • Cache and Cache-Control services: The cache data services will help your hosting server respond more quickly and increase the load. The best and most stable cache service for WordPress is Varnish Cache. However, the price of this service is quite high, so not many providers use it.

Which hosting service provider do you have? Are you satisfied with the current service? According to you, what concerns when buying the best WordPress hosting? Please share your ideas in the box below. You can see more of our guide on the pros and cons of hosting types .

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