Arvixe Coupon codes & Promo code 2017

We have the latest and best Arvixe Coupons for one of our recommended hosting providers.  These discounts are tested each month to ensure that they work enabling you to get the best savings possible.  You can find out more information about them in our Arvixe Review.

We have two standard codes, one giving you from 10% off your hosting for life, and the other giving you 20% off your first invoice.  We also get special Promo Codes on occasions, but these tend to be time limited.  To ensure you are kept informed of any special offers we highly recommend you join our mailing list (see sidebar for signup).

One great thing about them over other hosts is that their free domain offer is not just for the first year.  Provided your account is paid up to date, your free domain will be automatically renewed each year.  While they have a 60-day money back guarantee, you should be aware that domains would not be reimbursed if you requested a refund. The cost of any free domain would be deducted at their standard rate, which is a very reasonable $9.95.

New Arvixe Coupon Codes for 2016

You can find all the actual Promo Codes below, under the summary. October seems to be a great month for purchasing Arvixe hosting, as there are a few options to save some money:

  • 10% off for life– This is a great deal that not many hosting providers offer.  This is probably most suitable for those who want to pay monthly, or even yearly.  This offer never expires, so when renewal time comes up, you will automatically be offered the discounted price again.
  • 30% Off Arvixe coupon code – If you want to sign up for a longer period this is the best deal you will get right now.  This trumps the 20% off Discount code we had last month, and will mean that your hosting is as low as $2.80 per month when you sign up for two years ($67.20 total).

20% Off Arvixe Hosting 

30% Off Arvixe Hosting 

10% for Life Off Arvixe Hosting 

If you are wanting a pretty hefty discount code for Arvixe, this is the one for you. You get 20% off any Arvixe PersonalClass, Windows or Linux plan. This can only be used for new customers though.

We recently found this awesome Arvixe Promo Code. With this coupon you get 30% off Hosting which is better than anything else you will find.

This is a great coupon, especially those with a long term view or perhaps for those who wish to pay for a shorter period up front. With this coupon you get 10% off Shared Hosting or VPS Plans for life.

You can see Arvixe Plans here :


How to use your Arvixe Discount Code

You will find below a set of simple instructions on how to sign up with your Arvixe Promo Code.  We have commented later in this article which discount to use to get the greatest savings as well as clarified some points that arise during the order process.  As we have mentioned above, you have a choice of a lower value lifetime discount or a higher value one-off discount.

One of the great things about them is their everyday low price, so you won’t get a big shock when it comes to renewal time.  Also, they are one of the few hosts that offer lifetime promotional discounts.

1. Click Your Chosen Arvixe Promo Code

To use your chosen Arvixe Coupon you simply need to click the “Buy Hosting” button, or “Reveal Coupon”.  We suggest the latter as you may need the revealed code.  By doing this, a new window will open to their website, and the code will be copied to your clipboard.  During the order process (see below), you will then be able to insert it in the appropriate box.

2. Choose your hosting plan

If all you need is a simple website, then select the Personal Class plan.  If you need to host more than six websites on the account, you should choose the Personal Class Pro Plan.  If you require something a little more complex, then you can go for the Business or VPS plan, but we imagine you will already know what you are looking for if you have more complex requirements. If you are in any doubt, you can contact their support for advice.  You will find their live chat support for this very convenient.

3. Step 1 – Product Selection & Enter Arvixe Coupon

The first stage is to confirm your product selection by choosing the required product as well as the term you wish to pay for.  You will see that you receive a considerable discount for paying two years in advance, so this is what we would recommend.  Also you will see on the top right of the page a place to enter your code.  If you clicked one of our offers above you should be able to right click -> paste the code into the box.  Otherwise, feel free to just type it in.

Once you have entered the Discount code, click “add to cart” for the relevant product you wish to purchase.

4. Step 2 – Log in or Sign Up

In this step, you either need to log in if you are an existing client or alternatively enter your billing contact information along with a Username and Password you wish to use for the account.  Remember to click your agreement to the Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service.  We highly recommend you read these as there are always restrictions you should be aware of, especially on an unlimited hosting plan such as this.

5. Step 3 – Product configuration Continue to Checkout.

Here you can enter your free domain (free for life), transfer your domain, or neither (you can point your existing domain at the server).  You have another Username & Password to enter for your hosting login.  You can choose whether to auto-renew, which region you wish to host your site in (EU, US or Hong Kong), and whether you want any software, such as WordPress, to be preinstalled (you can always use the one-click Softaculous installer later).

5. Step 4 – Payment

You will go to a small intermediate page requesting final confirmation of the order:


Once you are ready to proceed, simply click “Place this Order” after which you can then arrange payment.  In our experience, provided you are not caught by their fraud check, the web hosting will be set up instantly.  You should receive your welcome mail within a few minutes, so check your spam email if you don’t see it and contact the Arvixe support if necessary.

The Arvixe Promo code should be applied, so when undertaking payment you should double check the price to ensure everything is as expected.

Arvixe Web Hosting Overview

If you are not already familiar with them, then you may wish to check out our detailed review here.  We have primarily chosen them as one of our recommended hosting providers due to their low cost relative to the service they offer, especially as they use SSD storage that is much faster than traditional HDD storage.  Probably their greatest feature is the cost, starting at just $4.00 per month before any coupon is applied.  If you use the 20% off offer then the price goes down to just $3.20 per month which is astounding value for such a great host.

They are highly thought of in the community, including on some of the main web hosting forums such as Webhostingtalk.  Not only that, you should check out the User reviews to gain a more diversified opinion on what they are like.

They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can safely try them out to see if they are the right host for you.

Some Interesting Facts you might not know

  • They are rated A+, the top rating at the Better Business Bureau.  They have only had 36 complaints in the last three years, all of which were actively resolved.
  • The founder was named to Inc.500’s 30 Under 30 List of Young Entrepreneurs.
  • They were founded in 2008 by Arvand Sabetian while in California Polytechnic State University in 2008.  He hired several of his friends to assist and by the time he was finishing his degree his take home pay was similar to that of an entry level civil engineer.

Arvixe Coupon & Billing FAQs

Can you advise which hosting plan I should choose?

Without knowing your website, and how many visitors it gets this is difficult to advise on this: your ideal plan will depend on your website. Arvixe has a variety of plans available, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, business hosting and dedicated server hosting.

If you’re starting a small, personal website that probably won’t get much traffic in the beginning, then it’s a good idea to think about starting with the basic shared hosting plan, which saves you some money when starting out. You can later upgrade this to something more advanced when your site grows.

If you’re starting a website that will need a lot of resources for bandwidth and storage, then try looking at the Arvixe VPS and dedicated server plans.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, you can pay monthly: just pay for one month of hosting with your initial sign-up. However, it’s worth considering that your coupon code will only apply to your first invoice period, so after that, your service will renew at the regular rate. This means that you will get a bigger discount by paying for a longer time in your first payment.

What other billing cycles does Arvixe offer?

You can choose to order one month, or buy longer periods of 6 months, one year or 2 years. These payment plans are available on all of the hosting types offered, from shared hosting to dedicated server and VPS plans.

Do Arvixe offer a Free domain?

Yes, all of Arvixe’s hosting plans include a free domain name registration; this applies to the domains com, .net, .org, .us, .info and .biz. The domain will always be free for as long as you continue to renew your hosting with Arvixe, and the offer is also applicable to domain name transfers.

What types of payment can I use to pay?

Arvixe accepts Visa, American Express, Discover, and Mastercard. They also accept Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Amazon Payments and Alipay.

Does Arvixe accept Paypal?

Yes, Arvixe does accept payments using Paypal, so you can use this account if it makes things easier.Does Arvixe accept Bitcoin?

Does Arvixe accept Bitcoin?

Arvixe does accept Bitcoin, so they are a good option if you must pay by this method.

Is there a money back guarantee?  If so how long?

Yes, Arvixe offer a 60-day money back guarantee for new shared hosting plan account. Keep in mind though that refunds are available for hosting costs only, and this doesn’t include any extra costings like domain registrations or SSL certificates. To receive a refund, you must sign up for one within 60 days of opening your hosting account with Arvixe.

Will my price go up when my hosting plan renews?

Yes, your price will go up. The discount this promotional coupon offers you is only for your first invoice period. However, you can receive this discount for longer by paying for a longer period upfront when you sign up to a hosting plan.

What is the priority support option offered by Arvixe?

Arvixe offers their customers an option to pay for priority support along with their hosting plan; this means that they receive the quickest help from the support team. If you find yourself calling the customer support teams a lot for help, you might want to consider signing up for the priority package: it offers you a faster response time on your phone calls and emails. If you don’t buy this, though, there is still 24/7 support available from Arvixe via a phone and ticket system.

Does arvixe offer domain privacy?

Yes, though it’s usual for hosting companies to charge an additional yearly cost for domain privacy, Arvixe offer domain privacy for free. When you get a new account, just click the checkbox titled “Private Registration” and you’re guaranteed domain privacy.

If you forgot to do this, you could still get domain privacy even after you’ve got your account: simply go into your account and navigate to Domains in the menu. Then click the + sign next to the domain you want to change to private, and turn on “Private Registration”.

What is Arvixe’s “Automatic Software Installation”?

This is an extra feature that is given to Arvixe customers free of charge when they get a new account. If you need a certain software installed on your hosting account (this can include WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and others), then you can simply click a checkbox and choose the software you want from a drop-down menu.

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