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According to User Experience (UX), Bluehost is considered one of the best online hosting sites. So, I decided to try out some Bluehost hosting services for my new site system. Finally, I realized that alongside some of the recommended features, Bluehost also provides many useful features that a web developer needs, let’s review Bluehost.

Many professional web developers think that the best way to see if a user-friendly interface is for any user to comment on whether they can find the information they need right away. Immediately or not.

According to that criterion, I believe that  Bluehost has a very friendly interface, which I can easily find what I need such as Cloud Sites, Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting.

1. Bluehost Review: Features

Bluehost offers many different online services. While iPage offers three major services (web hosting, WordPress, and domain), Bluehost hosting has more options for customers to choose from, including WordPress hosting, shared hosting, cloud site, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and WooComerce hosting. Consequently, customers have more choices. For example, a student or a small business can choose a basic package that is simple and affordable but useful enough to help them build web systems. On the other hand, larger companies or organizations may choose a higher option, which has more advanced features like faster loading time or high security to maintain their service.

In my opinion, the most important feature for a web hosting providerSuccess is customer service, which is always essential from web sites or hosting systems can have problems at any time. In this respect, I would say that Bluehost’s support is very useful and reliable as a customer can contact the support team in a variety of ways. The first way is to connect via email or live chat. Compared to iPage, a plus of Bluehost is that they divide support services into smaller chunks: “General Questions,” “New Businesses,” “New Hosting Clients,” and Personal Websites. “…. By dividing customer services into smaller segments, the quality of these services will be greatly improved since customers can go directly to the problem they face to ask directly, which It will be very efficient and less time-consuming.

Second, overall, Bluehost offers the most affordable options so far, which is a reason for the huge popularity of this hosting. In fact, Bluehost hosting does not offer the lowest-priced packages among other hosts, but when including the quality of their products, Bluehost is worth considering. For example, the starting price for a web host is $ 2.95 per month, and this is a reasonable cost for students, teachers or small businesses, whose budget is not great.

Talking about the security of Bluehost, so far I have not received any problems using any service, By using their hosting, I have been provided useful tools to protect from the attacks. Most popular web attack today. Especially, SpamAssassin and Spam hammer tools are great to fight spam. In addition, Cloudflare, an Anti-DDOS protect your site from overwhelming numbers of traffic from unknown sources. Not only that, you can protect the images or content of your site thanks to the hotlink protection. In addition, IP Blacklist is a special tool that instantly blocks suspicious IPs trying to access your SSH.

2. (+) Advantages of Bluehost Hosting

Operation time is very reliable. According to many surveys, Bluehost’s uptime is near 99.94%. In the first 12 months of using Bluehost, my website has taken 5 hours out of nearly 9000 hours of operation. Sometimes the server crashed in February, which resulted from the DDoS attack, according to Bluehost. However, 99.94% is still a good figure that you can trust.

Bluehost Hosting: Stable performance in 12 months

Another interesting feature that I found from Bluehost is that they provide me with a full panel of applications that I can add to the site, similar to Google Apps.

Bluehost is also recommended by the official WordPress site. If you go to the official WordPress site, which is only currently being updated, you can see they put up a list of 3 reliable hosting providers, and clearly, Bluehost is on the list (apart from Dreamhost and Siteground ).

3. (-) Evaluate downsides of Bluehost Hosting

The load time is quite slow if compared with the competitor for A2 Hosting.

Bluehost Review: Speed ​​Test

The customer support response is quite slow. This is a sign that Bluehost is treating more customers than they are capable of processing. There are quite a few providers like Godaddy, with a lot more users but with a large number of support staff they can guarantee better customer support. There is no reason that a big supplier like Bluehost can not invest in increasing the number of employees in the customer support network and this is a big minus for them.

4. Who can use Bluehost?

In my view, Bluehost has different packages for different clients, so a student, designer or a big company can always find their proper package. Especially for new web developers, I think they should use the Bluehost service because their products are affordable and the interface is very good looking for the website.

5. Conclusion

Bluehost is currently one of the best and most popular hosting providers , which is the advice of professional bloggers. Although Bluehost service is not as perfect as other web hosting providers, however, its quality is not bad and still acceptable to maintain a fast and reliable web site for the user. Especially for small businesses without big capital.

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