Contabo Coupon, Promo Codes : Free 1 month VPS*, VPS 6GB Ram only 6.99 Eur/mo, Free domain all hosting plans, Dedicated Server from only 39.99 Eur/mo

Contabo is a web hosting provider based in Germany. The company was launched in 2003 with the start of a small company with only two men, offering dedicated servers and cheap hosting packages.

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Contabo operates with a focus on high quality service, storage efficiency and good customer service.

They started with just one server in a rented data center but increased to 2 data centers with the current operating power of more than 10,000 servers by 2014 in Nuremberg with over 1,700 m² of floor space and 700 m² office. Contabo currently has data centers in Munich and Nuremberg, with potential up to 15,000 servers sufficient to support the near future.

Contabo Coupon & Promo Codes

VPS HDD with the SSD-boosted starts with a VPS M package at just only 6.99 € per month for 2 CPU cores, 6 GB of guaranteed RAM, 500 GB of storage space and free traffic. The term is based on 100 Mbps and up to 19,99 € / month for the VPS XL package with six CPU cores, 30 GB of RAM, 2000 GB of storage and unlimited traffic on 1 Gbps ports.

VPS SSD 100% also start at only 8.99 € per month , You will have 4 CPU cores, 12 GB of guaranteed RAM, 300 GB of storage with 100% SSD for very high performance, Unlimited traffic on one 100 Mbps port and the highest package is the VPS XL SSD  only 26.99 EUR per month for 10 CPU cores, 50 GB RAM, 1200 GB SSD storage and 100% SSD traffic. 1 Gbps port.

VPS M2 cores 6 GB 500 GB Ssd-Boosted6.99 €/mo *Visit Contabo
VPS L 4 cores 14 GB 1000 GB Ssd-Boosted11.99 €/mo * Visit Contabo
VPS XL 6 cores 30 GB 2000 GB Ssd-Boosted19.99 €/mo *Visit Contabo
VPS M SSD 4 cores 12 GB 300 GB - 100% SSD8.99 €/mo *Visit Contabo
VPS L SSD 6 cores 24 GB 600 GB - 100% SSD14.99 €/mo *Visit Contabo
VPS XL SSD 10 cores 50 GB 1200 GB- 100% SSD26.99 €/mo *Visit Contabo

(*) You will get more free 1 month VPS when you pay 12 months

In addition, Contabo VPS coupon will also discount one time when you pay 3,6 or 12 months.

  • M Package discount 2 € when pay 3 months, 3.5 €  for 6 months and 7 €  when paying 12 months.
  • L Package discount 3 €  when paying 3 months, 6 €  for 6 months and 12 €  for 12 months.
  • XL Package discount 5 €  when you pay 3 months, 10 €  for 6 months and 20 €  for 12 months.
  • M SSD Package discount 2.5 €  when paying 3 months, 4.5 €  for 6 months and 9 €  for 12 months.
  • L SSD Package discount 4 €  when paying 3 months, 7.5 €  for 6 months and 12 €  for 12 months.
  • XL SSD package discount 7 €  for 3 months, 13.5 €  for 6 months and 27 €  when paying 12 months.(*)

All VPS plans can choose Linux or Windows Server operating systems, including DDoS protection services. The Contabo VPS control can help you Start, Stop, Restart or Reinstall OS with just 1 click:

contabo vps control

Contabo Hosting Review

Contabo offers 4 shared hosting packages with unlimited bandwidth. They use cPanel hosting, which is easy to use for everyone. Also with 1 Click Installation, you can install more than 300 source code easily and completely automatically such as WordPress, Typo3, Joomla and much more.

WebSpace M50 GBUnlimited1 Free Domain2.99 €/moVisit Contabo
WebSpace L100 GBUnlimited1 Free Domain4.99 €/moVisit Contabo
WebSpace XL250 GBUnlimited2 Free Domain7.99 €/moVisit Contabo
WebSpace XXL500 GBUnlimited3 Free Domain9.99 €/moVisit Contabo

The cheapest package is Webspace M just only 2.99 € month and it has 50 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, supports up to 20 MySQL databases and comprehensive protection against Server attacks and cyber attacks such as DDoS attacks.

If you need higher space, you can choose Web space XXL costs 9.99 € / month, it helps you increase the storage limit to 500 GB, and support for an unlimited number of MySQL databases. And support CGI in this plan.

All of Contabo’s shared hosting packages are included SSL certificate. SSL helps you protect your customers and increase your search rankings.

Contabo Dedicated Server Review

If your business requires the best performance, reliability, and data protection, Contabo has its own dedicated server plan.

Quad8 GB800 GB Unlimited39.99 € /moVisit Contabo
Core i712 GB2000 GB Unlimited49.99 € /moVisit Contabo
6-Core 24 GB80 GB SSD, 2000 GB Unlimited59.99 € /moVisit Contabo
X 64 GB256 GB SSD, 3000 GBUnlimited79.99 € /moVisit Contabo
Dual Xeon 128 GB ECCany combination Unlimited99.99 € /moVisit Contabo
10-Core 256 GB ECC
any combination Unlimited109.99 € /moVisit Contabo

The Dedicated Server Quad plan start at 39.99 € per month for an Intel Quad Core, 8 GB of RAM, 800 GB of hard drive storage( 400 GB x2 HDD ), and unlimited transfer bandwidth over a 100 Mbps port.

With the highest dedicated server package are 109.99 € per month for a 10-core Intel Xeon processor, 256 GB of RAM, configurable storage on both SSD and hard drive. Unlimited bandwidth through 1 Gbps port.

In addition to universal services, Contabo also offers Colocation services at two data centers, Munich or Nuremberg.

The Customer Services at Contabo is very good. Issues are handled quickly by phone or email. You can reach them every day from 8 am to 11 pm (UTC+2) via telephone (normal landline, no expensive service number) and e-mail.

If you need help or have any question about Contabo’s Service, You can leave a comment or email to us:

Thank you and have a good time with us.

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