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Today, I provide a user rating through the actual experience (User Experience UX) of the iPage Hosting site , which is known as a professional web hosting site. After researching and using these types of hosting for a while, we decided to make an iPage review so people could get to know the provider. Let’s take a look at the highlights of iPage Hosting


According to the different readers, the most appropriate way to evaluate the quality of a website is to check whether a visitor may immediately know what the site offers and they can collect the information. any news on the site.

By the time you get to iPage Hosting, the site immediately shows you iPage offers web hosting and other online services such as wordpress marketing or domain domains. The slogan of the site is placed on top, confirming iPage’s credibility: “Web hosting leader” and providing the number of iPage customers who are using the service. To use free domain  you can refer to the article: These web hosting companies offer free domain name . Or you can buy domain name at 1and1 .


As mentioned above, iPage offers various online services like web hosting, WordPress hosting and domains. Therefore, users can easily select an item that suits their needs. For example, new site developers can choose a very basic item, providing enough functionality for them to build a simple page. While professional web developers can choose advanced packages that allow them to manipulate complex operations such as setting up domain names, or optimizing configuration and customizing the database.

There are three main services offered on iPage Hosting, which are web hosting, WordPress hosting and domain so that customers can choose the most appropriate items for their needs.

According to iPage, customers using their services can access the most powerful and convenient tools for developing their websites, and customer support services are almost always available 24/7.


Specifically, the core features that users may have when using iPage web hosting service is unlimited disk space, bandwidth and transferable, unlimited creation of MySQL Databases but limited number of sites put on. server. In addition to the common features that other hosting / web services offer, iPage Hosting also offers many unique tools that other sites do not.

For example, the list of marketing features provided by iPage:

  • Access to online marketing guides
  • Google AdWords offer ($ 100 value / US only)
  • Bing search credit ($ 100 value / US only)
  • Yellow Pages (yellow pages)
  • A toll free number (US only)

Not only that, our technical support team is always ready to assist iPage customers:

  • Online help center and ticket opening system require support
  • Detailed instructions
  • Money back in 30 days if not satisfied with the service
  • Online support by phone and live chat 24/7
  • The average response time is less than a minute

In the area of WordPress hosting, iPage allows customers to build professional interfaces. In other words, you can choose the interface, the plugin will be pre-installed on the web. You can also customize your dashboards. iPage offers two WordPress hosting packages, including $ 3.75 per month and $ 6.95 per month. Consequently, customers can choose the most suitable packages to meet their needs.

Again, iPage ensures that their customers are able to access the same high-speed SSD-based infrastructure. In addition, iPage has worked with SiteLock to increase the level of security of services. So, users no longer have to worry about being attacked by malware or hackers.

If you are looking for a domain name, iPage may be a good choice as it offers over 325 different domain types. According to this site, iPage allows you to pre-set your domain name so you can protect the domain you want. Although the reservation does not have to be 100% sure that you will receive the domain name, this is still a very useful function, in case of not buying your domain name money will be refunded.

In addition, one of iPage’s favorite highlights is that users can enhance their knowledge by reading the iPage Blog posts that are updated daily by professional experts. So if you still do not know which service to choose or have no basis for getting started, read the educational articles. Not only that, but iPage also uploads many useful articles that show you the proper way to improve your website’s SEO, or tips to write a product description for sale.

Who can use iPage

iPage offers a very wide range of services that suit most clients. No matter who you are, a student, a web developer, a teacher or a small business, you can always find the package that best fits your needs.

For example, if you own a small flower shop, the number of customers visiting your store is about 100-200 people a day, you can make a small site so that visitors can see a flower list. and they can buy online, this makes both convenient and profitable. And iPage is a good choice because the service does not cost too much.

Price & purchase

Hosting Plan Standard$1.99/month WP Starter$3.75/month Essential WP$6.95/month
Disk Space unlimited unlimited unlimited
Bandwidth unlimited unlimited unlimited
Domain unlimited unlimited unlimited
Pre-Installed Themes & Plugins
Free domain for 1 year
Super Speed x x
Security is enhanced x x
Support standard standard standard


Finally, in my opinion, iPage is a reliable web provider that you can try. In my experience, iPage offers good internet service with high security so you do not need to worry. Besides fast and reliable services, reasonable cost and good customer service are other highlights that I would like to use and recommend to my friends when they are looking for a good domain and vendor. hosting level.

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