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If you are looking for hosting for wordpress then surely WP Engine is not too strange. There are quite a few websites that use the products of this provider from individuals to large businesses. Customers must pay a higher amount than normal to use the service here. So WP Engine is different from their competitors, here are my reviews on the first use:

WP Engine has 3 data centers in the UK , US and Japan so you will be able to choose where your website will run.

You will not be able to manually install wordpress on WP Engine like other companies. The installation will always have the help of support staff. And of course it’s free.

A feature that is only available at WP Engine and will be well suited to those who are developers who are developing products for customers. With Transferable Install , you can create countless different versions of your website. This makes it easy to test between two parties without disrupting the development process. And when done, you can transfer the current website to your client’s WP Engine account . And then with Billing Transfer , your customers will automatically pay for WP Engine.

 (+) Plus of WPEngine

Speed: That is the point that makes the difference of WP Engine. And also the most noticeable thing for my website. Built-in servers, EverCache technology significantly increases the speed of the website.


Safe: WP Engine uses advanced security technologies on both the client’s website and in hardware. Not only that, but they also integrate and develop with other security companies to provide a secure experience. You will not need to worry about this anymore, focus on creating core values ​​for your website. Also you can also refer to the article handy ways to protect your site  to better protect your site.

Customer Support: This is a commendable point of WP Engine, from the very first time I went to the website, I received repeated requests for help from the staff. I have several contact with them, most first time I put my product on hosting of WP Engine . I have received guidance from real experts on WordPress, they understand my problem and help me solve them quickly. And I’m really happy about that

Backup and restore: One more plus for this provider. I greatly appreciate this feature of WP Engine. My website is backed up automatically every day (both content and database). Plus, the Backup Point feature, which allows users to schedule backups – is well suited to important changes to the website. See also our tutorial on  how to manually back up the database in wordress .

The site restoration process is not too difficult, you will not be able to use the recovery function right on the management interface; You will need to contact the facilitator so they can help you with this. Or alternatively, you will solve and restore your website via FTP

(-) Negative point of WP Engine

High cost is the first point for WP Engine. With the lowest price of $ 29 / month, you can only set up a single website with a monthly maximum of 25,000 subscribers . If you are a beginner and want to use a free hosting you can refer to the guide which web hosting companies offer free domain name .

Although highly rated by the support staff , they do not work on weekends or holidays. It is difficult to understand why, I do not know how to do when my website has problems on such days.

Because it uses a lot of optimized back-end technology and though it supports most themes & plugins, in one case you will not be able to use them at WP Engine . When a conflict occurs, you will receive an email asking you to delete them within 7 days and find another solution, otherwise it will be done automatically.

Who should use WPEngine?

As stated from the beginning, WP Engine only devoted to websites developed using the WordPress platform.

WP Engine wants to bring the highest level of professionalism to WordPress, which is why people who are new to WordPress or do not have much knowledge of IT will find it quite difficult to use the service here. Because the installation process is quite troublesome and you can not do it by yourself.

But in return you will not have to worry about the speed and security of the website anymore, because WPEngine itself will do it for you with SLL, CDN, Firewall, Malware scan, EverCache … I think this price is also Quite reasonable compared to your own doing everything


After a while using WP Engine, I think this is a reliable provider and should be used if you want to upgrade your webite system. Although the price is quite high, what WP Engine brings is completely worth it, right?

With WP Engine, you just focus on the content of the website, leave the rest to the provider.

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