SiteGround Hosting Quick Review

You are about to create your first personal blog using WordPress. And are you wondering what carrier to use? The article below will evaluate SiteGround Hosting – one of the hosting providers for WordPress free and most popular in the world.

SiteGround Hosting Review

Siteground offers many types of hosting such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server and But in this article, we will focus on the features and characteristics of the shared host (the most widely used product on Siteground)

In addition to the basic features of a hosting company, Siteground offers you differentiators:

  • Is one of the free web hosting providers offering domain names when buying any product package (Startup, GrowBig or GoGeek)
  • One-click WordPress Staging: This is a client-only feature that uses the GoGeek package, which allows you to create additional copies of your running website. With this feature, you can edit the source code, interface without affecting the website running. If you are a programmer, we believe you will love this feature.
  • For customers using the GrowBig package upwards, your site will be supported by Siteground”Wordpress Special Cache”. Built on the Siteground environment, it speeds up your website by caching results from database queries and caching dynamic data
  • SG-Git for WordPress repo creation: one more feature for developers and only for GoGeek package. Allows you to upload all source code to Git, which allows the developer to review and save different versions of wordpress source code.
  • Premium Wildcard SSL Certificate: You will be free in the first year when purchasing a GrowBig product package. Not really much but it’s great!
  • 30 copies per day (GrowBig and GoGeek) and 1 copy per day (Startup) is the number of backups you get by SitePage’s Daily Backup system. And of course it’s free. Especially with the GoGeek product package, customers will get “Premium Backup & Restore Service” which means you will be supported directly by technical staff.

Who should use Siteground Hosting?

With all shared hosting packages by Siteground , we believe that it would be appropriate if you’re an individual or small business. Because at the highest level, you’re still limited by hard drive space (30GB) and monthly traffic (~ 100,000).

Pricing & How to buy

With a modest amount of money (about 90k / month – $ 3.95) you already own the basic package of Siteground. With this package, you will be spoiled for use to develop personal blogs or websites introducing companies and stores without too much traffic a day. If you are a beginner then you can use the free hosting services of the companies that offer free hositng for newcomers .

If you need more resources like domain names, website numbers, or memory capacity, then GrowBig and GoGeek will fully meet your needs. See details below:

High security: Siteground uses special technologies to keep your site safe from hackers. Whenever you log into Cpanel, Siteground encrypts all the information and transfers you through a secure server so you can be sure of it. See more handy ways to protect your wordpress site .

Cheapest price: $ 3.95 / month is the price of the lowest package Siteground . And this is also the lowest price in the market. Although only a single site is installed with this product package, you also get a lot of other features Sitegroud offers.

99% uptime: With Siteground, your hosting is always in a stable state under any circumstances, unless Siteground decides to upgrade or maintain the infrastructure.

Support Staff: Siteground’s response time is fast, and their staff are all capable of solving problems in a friendly and professional manner.

(-) Deductions SiteGround Hosting

With the lowest package (Startup), you will be quite limited with 1 website and 10GB of hard drive space

Website transfer speed is slow, this is the opinion of many users when using this service of Siteground .

No trial: not only me, but many customers who want to try website builder service. Because of that, trial use is the best way to keep customers, but Siteground now discards this feature.

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