What is Reseller Hosting ?

You’ve probably heard of the term reseller hosting but it’s still vague because it does not understand what it means and what it does. Do not worry, because not only you, this is the common feeling of many people, especially beginners to use Web Hosting services . In this article we will provide you with useful information, pros and cons about reseller hosting to give you the most comprehensive view on this service.

Actually, reseller hosting is an agreement between customer and reseller hosting. Customers buy hosting services at wholesale prices, then resell bandwidth and serve space to other customers. There are two methods to do this. First, Resellers hire Dedicated Servers from a hosting provider and then resell space and bandwidth or they can also cut the reseller into small packages of shared hosting. and resell shared serve spaces to others.

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

  • At present, hosting services are becoming more and more popular, gaining a lot of trust and affection among customers. So many web hosting providers and developers as well as businesses always put in every perfect plan for their websites. If you are a business person or intend to engage in this area, then you do not have to worry anymore, because reseller hosting is considered as a top choice. Reseller hosting will help you to get a cheap hosting service that quality is suitable for your needs when working with a rather modest budget.
  • Resellers do not need to have extensive technical knowledge about web hosting. This is a very profitable and highly competitive market, so the only thing you need is the ability to be nimble.
    In addition, resellers are no longer responsible for maintaining and maintaining servers. All downtime issues, upgrades, recovery centers, hardware and infrastructure are all preserved by the hosting company.
  • Usually, resellers only have to work right in their homes through the devices connected to the server. Therefore, many resellers may have little or no need to meet face to face with their customers.

Disadvantages of Reseller hosting

  • Everything has two sides of it. Although there are many benefits, reseller hosting can not avoid some disadvantages, typically the cost of advertising is quite expensive, this is the biggest obstacle reseller hosting in competing with the provider. Reliable and large-scale web hosting. As a matter of fact, reseller hosting is simply a buy and sell service. Therefore, spending a very large budget for advertising is a must for any hosting agent to make a profit.
  • Besides, you can not ignore customer care. If you are selling hosting packages, it is evident that you should also provide additional support services to your new customers. However, if you do not have the time and resources to be able to provide the necessary support, technical services and customer support services, reseller plans do not necessarily include customer support. customer support) for your customers.

Who can become a Reseller?

Typical web hosting resellers are web developers, systems integration specialists, and web design companies. They tend to provide storage services as an add-on for newly established businesses. This is considered to be the least expensive way to start a business with tight budgets. That is why most businesses are attracted by reseller hosting.

Most hosting companies have a reselling product package. Lots of resellers are now actually allowed to customize their hosting plans as well as arrange the prices. This is considered a rare opportunity to help resellers mark their names and create their service brand based on unique and bold plans. However, the hosting company can still monitor all these activities through the websites in a control panel.

Affiliate Reseller

Another form of hosting that is also quite popular is the Affiliate Reseller. Resellers will act as resellers for hosting companies by advertising hosting services. Customers will directly purchase services from the server.

Marketing Reseller

In addition, hosting companies are also adopting another form of profitable for themselves, which is the marketing reseller. In this case, the reseller will act as a marketer for the hosting company. Customers purchase services from resellers, but then all issues related to the service will be handled directly by the hosting company. Resellers act as agents who only sell hosting services, but are not responsible for dealing with any follow-ups, technical issues or complaints.

Portioning Reseller

The last form to be applied is the Portioning Reseller. Retailers buy large amounts of bandwidth and storage space, then divide it into smaller portions and sell them to consumers. Then the customer will contact the dealer directly if any problems occur.

There are many different types of resellers in the web hosting industry. Since the industry has grown and generated tremendous profits, resellers also have more opportunities to expand their business and earn a decent income without having to invest a lot of prepaid funds. This is a great way to start a business and get cheap web hosting.


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